“That’s what I thought!”: Paris Hilton explains the debacle with her one-year-old son’s life jacket

Paris Hilton. Photo: Getty Images

43-year-old Paris Hilton continues to learn the basics of motherhood with her subscribers. He explained why his one-year-old son Phoenix was wearing his life jacket backwards.

Paris Hilton with her son Phoenix. Photo: social networks

It all started with a video Paris shared on social media during a family vacation. In the video, she swims with her one-year-old son Phoenix. Although the images sparked love among her subscribers, many wrote to the star that she accidentally put the child in a life jacket.

Paris did not remain silent on this issue and commented on the situation. “That’s what I thought! I asked the seller about it, but he said it was true. Thank you very much for letting me know,” Paris wrote on her page.

The socialite also noted that she did not leave the child even for a minute. Paris Hilton recently said that she would be a strict mother and would not allow her son Phoenix and daughter London to use gadgets until they grow up.

Source: People Talk

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