I’m tired of my fellow parents being entitled to take leave

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The question of the week

Dear Daronne,

I’m fed up, every year in the company where I work the same thing happens: I can’t take the holidays in July-August, because they are “reserved” for employees who have children.

So I have to take holidays in June or September so that the company can continue to function, while those who have decided to have children have a lot of fun in August.

I find it unfair, I want to leave at this time too!

Help me calm down dear Daronne, do I also have to have children to choose my holiday dates? Am I the only one who finds this discriminatory?


Daronne’s response

My little bathing suit,

Already a great big compliment to your employer who, instead of prioritizing the well-being of his employees by investing a little money to allow them to leave at the same time, prefers to pit them against each other and make them compete as fighting dogs in a sordid cellar, under the pretext that the crux of the war is profitability and not the good climate within the teams.

I assure you that you are not the only one who finds this discriminatory. Let’s be clear, this sort of rotten tacit rule that reserves the month of August for parents is annoying everyone. Even the parents in question. Especially the parents in question. I’ll let you in on a little secret: August holidays are not fun at all, unless your dictionary definition of the term is: A moment of infernal idleness that can induce a strong feeling of misanthropy.

In fact, this school holiday thing is still a pain. Ok, school is important. But suddenly all of Europe’s wild animals are released at once and suddenly invade beaches, hotels and campsites. You look to the right, a child jumps, you look to the left, another child jumps. Front, back, above, below, they are everywhere.

Since you don’t have children, you may not be very aware of the noise pollution caused by these little things and you will probably say to yourself: ” Anyway, what noise can something that doesn’t even measure a meter make, honestly? Not even the sound reaches my ears “.

Have you ever walked near the launch pad of a rocket taking off? No, just to know. But anyway, bring earplugs.

If you think of running away from families on holiday under the pretext that your thing is to go in August, ok, but to go in August to a remote and untouristy place, you stick your finger in your eyes up to your armpit.

For the price this shit costs us, we would have given you our place.

With my little pool slide, even hidden deep in the furthest forest, you won’t escape the hordes of screaming children because the trees are too mean and do nothing but block the net that allowed you to watch cartoons.

I swear to you that for the price this shit costs us, we would have given you our place. This is because in addition to being as crowded as a Paris ring road during rush hour, this damned month of August is costing us two kidneys. And for good reason, we parents, these big pigeons, have no choice but to spend a fortune during this only summer period available to go away with the family and this, the professionals of summer things know well.

So, once again, take my advice: RUN! DO NOT TURN AROUND !

That said, if, despite my warnings, your herd instinct and the millions of euros accumulated in your bank account push you to long for this cursed month and to harbor the desire to fry your skin by a swimming pool that all the children of residence confused with a urinal, here are some little tips to get the passport to hell:

– Bargain: Instead of arguing with your fellow parents, make an offer they can't refuse. It is true that by giving you permission the children spend the summer at the recreation center, but in exchange they save and earn a year of babysitting from you at will.

– Predictions: Is it your fault if your favorite pharmacist's fourth cousin gets married in August? NO. In the meantime, you have already planned the wedding fascinator and since you will do it in September 2021, there should still be a free place for you in August 2022.

– Borrow: if you want, I have school-age children, and I can lend them to you. Thus adorned with new offspring, you should have exclusivity in the summer holidays. We volunteer to stay in the office with Daron. For us, a week in the apartment without children is also a holiday!

– Suddenly “sick”: I didn't say anything. I do not encourage fraudulent behavior to the detriment of our healthcare system.

– Contact the relevant authorities: admitting that you are truly a victim of discrimination or that dialogue is impossible within your team, you can contact the human resources department and explain your problem to them. Or contact your company's staff representatives.

But I still insist: even if you have the opportunity, do not leave in August.

Ok, I'll let you do it, I have two hours in line in front of a crepe stand!


Your daughter

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