“Enjoyment of a long weekend”: Kate Hudson shared rare images with her lover

Kate Hudson Photo: Getty Images

Actress Kate Hudson posted a sweet post dedicated to her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. Celebrities and their common daughter Rani had a picnic.

“The joy of a long weekend,” the “Bridal Wars” star captioned a series of photos on her page. Kate Hudson’s personal life was once a constant source of conversation, but now it’s become idyllic.

Danny Fujikawa with his daughter Rani. Photo: social networks

The star recently talked about her “reboot.” The actress took a break from dating for a year to break free from stereotypes and forget how to flirt with everyone she met.

Recall that the mother of many children, Katie Hudson, is raising five-year-old Rani from Danny Fujikawa, 20-year-old Ryder from musician Chris Robinson, and 12-year-old son Bingham “Bing” Hawn from Muse frontman Matthew. Bellamy.

Source: People Talk

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