Klava Koki’s lover told about the disadvantages of her popularity

Its story is like a fairy tale. But Klava Koka really met love on a reality show. The singer with her boyfriend Alexander Poverin “Friday!” He met she in the program “Klava’s Heart” on his channel. Even though the couple is accused of PR issues, they do not succumb to provocations and show everyone that they are happy.

Klava Koka and Alexander Poverin. Photo: social networks

But there are still problems in the relationship. Poverin admitted that the girl’s popularity sometimes prevented them from enjoying each other. “We cannot be alone and at peace when we find ourselves in places with large crowds of people. Go to the same ice rink, to the cinema. There is a lot of interest,” Alexander explained on the Direct programme.

Klava Koka and Alexander Poverin. Photo: social networks

According to him, Klava is rarely at home due to her busy schedule. Poverin also explained that the artist’s workload would not prevent him from establishing a serious relationship with the artist.

Alexander also showed correspondence with the artist. He insisted they not wait for acute details. Everything about the couple’s messaging is sweet and touching: they send each other romantic messages and funny videos.

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