After the shows: we create a stylish wardrobe for the summer

Lately, shopping feels more like a panic attack than an enjoyable leisure activity. And the problem lies not in the design or the range, but in the prices. I agree, you don’t want to spend half your salary on things.

Therefore, now every fashionista faces a difficult task: to create a stylish wardrobe and not involuntarily switch to intermittent fasting. However, we found a way out of this situation with the O’STIN brand, which continues to remain in the affordable middle segment without sacrificing quality and elegance despite the rising prices.

In order not to be unfounded, we have collected in our material the five main summer trends of 2024, looked at what world designers and stylists recommend paying particular attention to and offered worthy options that can be found on O’STIN.

O’STIN (all): jeans – 3,999 rubles, denim raincoat – 8,499 rubles, denim jacket-shirt – 3,999 rubles.

The history of the total denim look began in 1951 thanks to American singer Bing Crosby. Legend has it that the artist was denied accommodation at a prestigious hotel in Vancouver because he was wearing a three-piece suit from a famous denim brand. Now this image has become not only a classic, but also a trend for the upcoming summer season, and we boldly introduce it into circulation. Designers recommend sticking to a single denim color scheme, combining it with elegant shoes, a large bag and an accent belt. By the way, at O’STIN you can create such an image without spending more than 10,000 rubles, and most importantly, all items are in harmony with other items in your wardrobe.

O’STIN (all): eco-leather trench coat – 8,999 RUB, belted trench coat – 7,999 RUB.

The trench coat can easily be called an essential piece of every wardrobe. This season, designers play with the shape, size and textures of the model and offer original design solutions. It is worth noting that the trench coat goes with absolutely everything. It can be combined with a strict white shirt, tie and trousers, or with casual trousers and high heels, the main thing is to find the right one. O’STIN offers more than 15 models in water-repellent and windproof fabric in different textures, from satin to denim.

O’STIN (all): seamless top – 999 RUB, seamless cycling shorts – 1,799 RUB, seamless crop top – 1,599 RUB, seamless tights – 2,399 RUB.

Considering that there are only two weeks left for summer, let’s collectively thank this trend. But contrary to stereotypes, sports style doesn’t just mean a sad uniform you wear to the gym. This season we focus on aesthetics and comfort. Here stylists focus on the “non-obviousness” of sportswear, not creating direct associations and recommend combining shorts and tops with denim shirts and comfortable sneakers with accent soles. We feel like we’re going out to drink coffee, but we can easily run five kilometers. O’STIN, on the other hand, presented a perfect uniform series in delicate colors that could easily compete with Western brands.

O’STIN (all): one-shoulder swimsuit – 2,799 RUB, lace-up bandeau – 1,799 RUB, high-cut Brazilian swimsuit – 1,399 RUB.

The holiday season and outdoor swimming pools have not been canceled. And yes, designers do not propose to reinvent the wheel, so they rely on shape, color and, of course, accessories. O’STIN recommends choosing both the usual solid models in shades of pink, black and brown, as well as leopard print and the current metallic trend of this season. Don’t forget chokers, chains, bright scarves and large beach bags.

O’STIN (all): cotton shirt dress – 4,999 rubles, cotton sundress with ruffles – 3,599 rubles, viscose and linen sundress – 3,599 rubles.

Last but not least is the trend towards the use of natural fabrics (linen and silk). We return to the country house aesthetic again, but not again, and imagine ourselves in the middle of a field, not in a stuffy subway car. O’STIN presented printed lightweight cotton and linen dresses, trousers and shirts in its new collection. Stylists recommend not to overdo it with accessories and limit yourself to voluminous jackets and low-heeled shoes. So who are we to argue?

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