It has been announced when the John Wick spin-off will be released

Good news for fans of the cult series. According to Deadline, Lionsgate film company has started working on the next John Wick spin-off. According to the publication, the plot will be based around the story of blind assassin Cain. Viewers saw him played by Chinese actor Donnie Yen in the fourth episode.

A frame from the movie: “John Wick 4”

Filming is expected to begin in Hong Kong next year. The new film will show Cain’s life as he is freed from his obligations to the High Table after the events of John Wick 4. Other details of the project have not been announced yet.

The action film will be written by Robert Askins (“The Umbrella Academy”) and produced by Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate is planning to release another spin-off from the John Wick universe soon: the action movie Ballerina, starring Spanish actress Ana de Armas. The premiere was postponed several times. According to the latest data, the movie will be released in July 2025.

It was also learned that the John Wick series will turn into an animated series. It is expected that such a movie review will arouse greater interest in them among viewers and attract new fans.

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