Zoomers invented a new word. Soon everyone will use it

While we are dealing with the new slang of zoomers, they are also coming up with new words that are becoming more viral than the previous ones.

Photo: A frame from the movie “The Advantages of Being a Candy”

Thus “UNK” has already managed to gain a foothold on the Internet. And before talking about its meaning, we must clarify that the word comes from the English word “uncle” (uncle – uncle). Note ed.).

Photo: A frame from the movie “School for Survival”

If you have a friend who is over 30 years old, and at the same time he is obsessed with the desire to look ten years younger and dress too “modern”, and when communicating he uses a lot of youth slang and is obsessed with sports, then he will fall into the category of “ankov” for closers.

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