Watch in one go: Top 5 dramas of 2023 with Russian voice actors

Watch in one go: Top 5 dramas of 2023 with Russian voice actors

Moving, incredibly creepy and without a hint of romance.

When it seems that Asian cinema has nothing left to surprise the viewer, producers present new surprises. Last year, Korea outdid itself by presenting a variety of worthwhile dramas in different genres. The cast, the script, the environment and even the small details: the makers have paid attention to every aspect.

Unfortunately, few people have time to watch all the series, so this collection contains the 5 best for 2023:

The drama “Damn Lucky Day” is ideal for viewers who are tired of romance and long for excitement. This is a story about an ordinary taxi driver who, by the will of fate, puts a serial killer in his car. The main character will face a difficult test of survival, while the maniac will have to meet the mother of his victim, who wants to take revenge on him. The series is described as “incredibly creepy” and frightening even for thriller fans.

Do not anger death, warns the drama “Game of Death” (or in another translation “Yi Jae will die soon”). The plot reveals the story of an ordinary worker who is so fed up with poverty and failure that he jumps off the roof. Angered by such an infantile attitude to life, Death meets him at the gates of hell and sentences him to a painful ordeal. The main character must die twelve times in different bodies to earn redemption.

The list of the best also included a romantic story about the return of a deceased lover, the friendship of two boxers and the difficult life of a former idol.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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