The Christmas film A SUDDEN CASE OF CHRISTMAS starring Danny DeVito, Andie MacDowell and Wilmer Valderrama will be sold at Cannes

A new Christmas movie titled A sudden case of Christmas it is heading towards us, as a protagonist Danny DeVito, Andie MacDowell, Wilmer ValderramaAND Lucia De Vito. The film will be presented to buyers at this week’s Cannes market.

The photo is of the director Peter Chelsom (The space between us) with a screenplay written by Chelsom, Tinker Lindsay, Gianluca Bomprezzi, Neri Parenti, Dederico Baccomo, AND Francesco Patierno.

“The film follows Lawrence (DeVito), who runs a grand hotel in the Italian mountains. Every winter she hosts the extended family for Christmas, but this year her daughter (Lucy DeVito) and her husband (Valderrama) are bringing their 10-year-old daughter, Claire (Antonella Rose), to visit in August.

The young couple arrives with shocking news, they are divorcing and they have assigned Lawrence to be the bearer of bad news for Claire. When Claire realizes that her soon-to-be-destroyed family won’t be returning in December, she insists on spending one last Christmas with the whole family in the middle of summer.

Her other grandparents (MacDowell and José Zúñiga) are summoned while Claire, in collusion with her grandfather Lawrence, plans activities designed to reunite her parents and reunite the entire family.

It seems like the typical Christmas movie you might see hit a streamer like Netflix this holiday season, but it has a pretty fun cast, so this might set it apart. Stay tuned for news from Cannes to find out where this and other films end up.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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