Tailed and funny: We show the finalists of the Comedy Pet Photo contest for the funniest photo of 2024

Comedy Pet Photo Awards Organizers (Funny photos of pets – Note ed.) has announced the finalists who will compete for the title of funniest pet photo. “Headless horse”, “flowery turtle”, “cat stuck in a brick wall”, “dog hanging in the air” and others will fight for victory.

Photo from the competition social network

Finalists take part in the “People’s Choice” nomination. Voting is done on the official website. In other categories, the best photo will be selected by the jury. The jury pays attention to image quality, semantic content and comedy. All photos can be seen here.

The competition was created by professional photographers: Paul Joynson Hicks and Tom Sallam. However, they give people the opportunity to show their imagination and creativity. In addition, photographers want to draw attention to the key role of pets in their owners’ lives.

Meanwhile, fashion designer Anthony Rubio includes animals in his fashion shows. In their next show, the pets will reprise their Met Gala 2024 celebrity looks.

Source: People Talk

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