Eminem fans are confused: an obituary dedicated to Slim Shady appeared in the newspaper

Eminem. Photo: Getty Images

Rapper Eminem, who has radically changed his lifestyle and prides himself on quitting illegal substances, has long used the nickname “Slim Shady” and even calls it his alter ego. The other day there was information in the newspapers that he was no longer there.

On May 13, an obituary appeared in the Detroit Free Press, the author of which was revealed to be Eminem. In such a non-trivial way, he decided to say goodbye to his old image before the release of a new album, which, by the way, was called “The Death of Slim Shady”.

“His difficult and painful existence is over. His legacy and his path through the world determined a terrible end. “I truly hope that he finds the peace in the afterlife that he could not find on Earth,” the message said.

The artist’s obituary did not appear on social networks, but fans began to leave comments under the latest posts. “God! Is Slim Shady really dead?” – people write.

The news that Eminem’s new album would be released emerged in March this year. The 51-year-old artist kept details about the album secret.

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