New hobby: David Beckham released a video with red chicks

David Beckham. Photo: Getty Images

Football player David Beckham has long retired from his sports career and is now looking for himself. He runs a successful business and now decided to try himself as a farmer.

The London-born former Manchester United and England midfielder has embraced the rural life. He built a chicken coop for chickens and turkeys on the territory of his country house worth almost 700 million rubles.

The images published by Beckham on social networks show clean garden beds and a cheerful flock of birds harmoniously following the happy football player. Meanwhile, his wife Victoria gave David the birds for Christmas.

David Beckham. Photo: social networks

“I came to check if there were eggs because there weren’t any before. So I came back and let’s see,” the new farmer explains to his followers.

David previously said that after watching a documentary about his family, he wondered how he and Victoria managed to save their marriage after almost 30 years.

Source: People Talk

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