“This is crazy!”: Paris Hilton fans outraged over the way the star carried her children in the car

Paris Hilton with her family. Photo: social networks

Until recently, Paris Hilton hid the face of her youngest daughter from prying eyes, but now she willingly shares the happy moments of motherhood. However, the latest video has angered the socialite’s fans.

Paris posted images of her children Phoenix and London sitting in their new minibus on social media. The children were sitting in their car seats and wearing their seat belts, but an important detail confused followers. The truth is that baby seats face forward, similar to adult seats. It is strictly forbidden to do this.

Paris Hilton’s children: London and Phoenix. Photo: Social networks

“Please hire someone to install the car seats.” “Extremely unsafe. This is crazy,” she wrote, “Baby… It’s like mother to mother… Let me help you put on these belts. I took classes and everything. Let’s make sure these kids are as safe as possible,” she wrote worriedly. commentators.

According to traffic rules, not only in America, but also in Russia, baby carrying devices must be placed in the car opposite the direction of travel.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton has come under fire repeatedly. After her son Phoenix was born with the help of a surrogate mother, the star’s followers said that her son’s head was too big. She was later criticized for taking photos of her son in hats too often, and after her daughter Paris London was born, regulars of the internet wondered why Hilton did not show photos of the baby and even suspected that the celebrity had brought her back to Paris again. surrogate mother.

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