Social networks: this simple test lets you know if they make you happy or not

On Instagram, the American psychiatrist Robert J. Waldinger shared a very simple test to find out whether or not social networks have a negative impact on our mental health.

Happy? Unhappy? This is the nagging question about the impact of social networks on our mental health. The American psychiatrist Robert J. Waldingeralso director of the longest study ever carried out on happiness and health, he created a test to find out whether or not the use of social media has a harmful effect on our mental health.

A test that lasts 10 minutes

In a video published on his Instagram account on May 11, the psychiatrist shows that to carry out this test it is necessary to first spend ten minutes on our usual social networks. He then recommends doing a little introspection by asking yourself questions like: “ Is my energy level higher or lower than before I started this activity? “, OR “ Do I feel more open to the world or, on the contrary, has my vision of myself gotten worse? “.

According to Robert J. Waldinger, our answers to these questions are formal: “ If you feel like you have more energy or are more open-minded, this is an activity that is right for you and good for you “. But if the emotions caused by scrolling social media are negative, then you have to” limit drastically » this practice and distance yourself from it as much as possible.

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