“I don’t know how we survived the last 27 years”: David Beckham talked about the difficulties of marriage

David and Victoria Beckham. Photo: Getty Images

David and Victoria Beckham are considered one of the most powerful celebrity couples. However, there are also crises in their relationships.

After a documentary about the relationship between the mega-popular model and the football player was released on the streaming service, the couple seriously thought for a long time about how they managed to save their marriage.

“After watching the movie, we looked at each other and thought, ‘I don’t know how we’ve survived the last 27 years, but we did, and we have a great family,'” David Beckham shared on the SmartLess podcast.

Tom Bauer, also the author of a new book about David and Victoria Beckham, promises to reveal their intriguing secrets. According to him, famous wives did not communicate with him. But those around them willingly shared some interesting details about their past.

Source: People Talk

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