To stay alive it is better to drive “like a woman”, the new campaign for road safety is simply perfect

Most motorists involved in accidents are men, as are the victims. Enough to dispel this persistent stereotype that women drive badly.

“Drive like a woman” : The association Victimes et Citoyens launched a new campaign on road safety on 9 May, in which it rubbishes the sexist stereotype according to which men are the best drivers. And for good reason: according to data from the National Interministerial Observatory on Road Safety 2022-2023, 93% of drunk drivers involved in an accident are men, 88% of young drivers killed are men, the 84% of fatal accidents are caused by men. ” This male overrepresentation occurs regardless of travel mode: 94% of people killed by motorcycle, 87% of bicycle deaths, and 61% of pedestrian deaths were men.we read in the association’s press release.

The numbers are formal: To stay alive behind the wheel, it’s best to drive “like a woman”. The number of accidents would drastically decrease, as would the number of victims. This is the aim of the Victims and Citizens campaign: “appeal to male motorists to raise awareness and bring about a change in mentality and therefore behaviour”.

It didn’t take long for this campaign to piss off some men. On X we can already find some gems: “Well no then, there won’t be anyone who will be able to fill the places! “. According to a survey on the website Automatic minute, produced in 2018, misogynistic clichés about women who drive hard. For example, 79% of female drivers report having heard the cliché brought to their attention “woman at the wheel, dead at the turn”.

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