Mark Strong is confirmed in THE BATMAN THE PENGUIN spin-off series

Marco Forte (Shazam! AND Kingsman)) was confirmed to have been chosen Matt Reeves’ The Batman spin-off series The Penguin.

Strong’s coach, Giacomo Farci, broke the news. on social media. Farci was asked if it is true that he worked on The Batman follow-up, and he responded by saying, “Yes, I trained Mark for this.”

When asked if he could reveal who the Shazam! star is playing, Farci said: “I can’t answer that question but I’m sure you’ll understand.”

We know he won’t be reprising his role as the evil Doctor Sivana in the film, so what other character could the actor play?

Fans online are speculating that he will play the role of Hugo Strange, which would be an interesting choice for Strong. He’s a character that he would easily be able to fit into.

Strange would also be an intriguing character because he could be used in the series to help set the stage for The Batman: Part II, which we don’t know much about plot details about.

The series focuses on the Penguin’s rise to power in the underworld of Gotham City, and when it comes to the tone of that story, Colin Farrell he joked that it’s “incredibly twisted.”

The actor shared, “…it’s dark, that’s what I can tell you about it. It’s really dark and really heavy… it’s incredibly violent.”

He went on to talk about the story, saying, “It’s a man’s rise to what he’s always dreamed of inhabiting, which is a certain power or social status. And Carmine Falcone’s death at the end of the film leaves this void in Gotham.” to be filled.

“And so there are different people who are taking hold of that power and that’s Oswald’s journey, trying to get to the top, through extraordinary obstacles and it’s super dark. Lauren LeFranc wrote eight truly twisted hours of television.”

The series is the protagonist Cristina Miliotiwho plays the female protagonist Sofia Falcone, and Rhenzy Feliz, who plays a teenager who the Penguin befriends and makes him his driver. The rest of the cast includes Michael Kelly (House of cards, Jack Ryan), Shohreh Aghdashloo (The Expanse, House of Sand and Fog) AND Deirdre O’Connell (External range).

The eight-episode series will premiere this fall. Who do you think will play Mark Strong in the series?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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