My Little Reindeer: Fiona Harvey, the real Martha, doesn’t intend to stop there

Found by internet users, Fiona Harvey, Martha from the series My Little Reindeer, accuses Netflix of having created a web of lies.

The real Martha, whose story is at the center of the hit Netflix series My little reindeerhas announced that it intends to sue the streaming giant for what it describes “obscene fiction”. Scottish lawyer, Fiona Harvey she said in an interview with Piers Morgan that she is forced to do so re-establish their version of events after the resounding success of the series.

My little reindeer looks like a true story by its author and by Netflix. The series would be inspired by the story of Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, creator and main character of the program. His character, Donny, is a bartender who aspires to be a comedian, but is unsuccessful. One day he offers a cup of tea to a woman, Martha. This simple gesture of empathy triggers an obsession in her that will last 3 years, during which he will receive 40,000 emails (OR 35 emails a day)740 tweets, 350 voice messages, added to hundreds of letters. He would even be followed at home and at work. In the series, Gadd showed harassing messages from real emails or SMS that would have been sent to him.

A false story?

However, Fiona Harvey insists that the series is a “hyperbolic work” and categorically denies many of the events described, saying he may go so far as to defend his version of events in court, as reported Expiration.

Tensions between Harvey and Netflix came to a head when Netflix viewers went on a manhunt for “Martha.” Internet users managed to find Harvey shortly after the series aired. This sudden exposure led, according to Harvey, to a colossal wave of cyber harassment, including death threats.

My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix
My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix

Harvey argued that she never had been accused or convicted of harassment, and strongly denies allegations that he drowned Richard Gadd in emails, letters and emails. He also claims he never sexually assaulted Gadd or his ex-girlfriend. Finally, her criticizes Netflix for not contacting her before the series aired.

Benjamin King, head of public policy at Netflix UK, rejected calls to censor Gadd, saying that every individual should have the right to tell their story. Meanwhile, My Little Reindeer continues to break all records on the platform with the red N and increase its turnover.

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