“My father gave it to me”: Yulia Koroleva showed Guf’s gift to her daughter

It looks like rapper Guf now manages to keep in touch with all his children.

Guf and Yulia Koroleva. Photo: social networks

In April, Guf’s ex-wife Yulia Koroleva admitted that for the sake of her daughter Tina, she and her ex-husband were trying to communicate to become “at least normal parents.” The rapper is probably keeping in touch with his daughter right now. Julia shared footage on Stories of the baby approaching the plush rabbit that was a gift from his father. “This rabbit is Tina, who gave it to you?” The model turned to her daughter and said “daddy” in response.

Let’s remember that Guf was married twice. Apparently his first marriage to Aiza-Liluna Ai was (and still is) discussed by the whole country. It took six years. The blogger gave birth to her son Sam. And Alexey Dolmatov recently broke up with Yulia Koroleva. Together they are raising their daughter Tina. Now the rapper is happy with his new relationship.

Source: People Talk

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