These 12 puzzles show how smart you are and how well you can survive.

These 12 puzzles will show your wits and survival skills.

Some decisions will surprise you, others will completely infuriate you.

Going on an adventure is not as easy as it seems at first glance. There may be dangers on the traveler’s path, and it is better to prepare for them in advance. You can do this with tasks that test your ingenuity, speed of thought and worldly wisdom, which you can even solve while sitting in a comfortable chair.

These 12 puzzles will help you decide whether you should pack your backpack and go for a walk, or whether it’s better to have a picnic in the park:

The first challenge you face in nature is a lack of fresh water. Where better to replenish the supply: in a pond, lake, stream or with the help of a cactus? When answering this riddle, it is better to forget about clichés from popular films and adventure literature.

What if the kidnapper locked the victim in a basement with only three exits: one leads to a jungle full of poisonous snakes and plants, behind the second is a fire-breathing dinosaur, and the third hides an icy lake. The answer to this puzzle has confused and angered hundreds of people.

Only the most attentive and gifted person with logical thinking can identify a thief from one photo. This is what the authors of the problem believed, but they did not think about how far the imagination of the Russians could go in solving it.

In general, Internet users expressed doubts whether there is any logic in the puzzles at all, because dinosaurs are scary even without fire, kidnappers will not wait until the evening and black holes do not exist.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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