“Everyone has their own story”: Timati’s mother responded to attacks from subscribers after the rapper published his love for his daughter

Yesterday, Timati’s mother decided to once again touchingly address 10-year-old Alice, whom her subscribers did not appreciate very much and “attacked” Simona. She has already answered.

Mother and daughter of Timati Simon. Photo: social networks

“Believe me, like many of you, I was married “forever”, I was offended by my mother for not helping her grandchildren, I condemned my, in my opinion, “strong” family and the woman who occupied my family. The word “should” appeared in my vocabulary more often than “I love.” Fortunately, the Universe has rewarded me with the ability to think critically, the ability to see, and most importantly, the ability to admit my mistakes. I became more patient and gentler in my decisions. To judge someone else’s life, you have to live it, but is it worth it? Everyone has their own story and there are no rules here,” the rapper’s mother wrote on the social network.

This time the comments were enthusiastic: “You think so well and truly that I want to listen”, “Your children and grandchildren are lucky to have a wise, strong mother and grandmother nearby”, “You are a wise woman, Simone!”

Source: People Talk

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