9-12 May weekend plans: spring market and fire breakfast

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The phrase “Wednesday is Little Friday” has never been more relevant. And although, judging by the weather, it is more New Year than the second May holidays, this is not a reason to cancel plans. This weekend we plan to make the most of all the city’s activities, from the Victory Parade and fireworks to exhibitions and fairs. But now first things first!

The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, so don’t even think about staying at home. Moreover, the updated menus of restaurants invite you to book a table with friends and discuss absolutely all the news of the city.

This way you get a good mood and a boost of energy, and we get ideas on how to make the most of your time.


To eat

Get inspired

To look

go for a walk

Disco club in Supermetal

On May 10, a party will be held in the Supermetal area with selected residents in the staff of the Raduga disco club. Among them: Cream Soda with DJ set, hitmaker Dj Stonik1917, as well as Fraukrauze, Mashkov and Sasha Khizhnyakov.

Start: 19:00

Address: 2. Baumanskaya, 9/23

Hot breakfasts at Phantom

Pancakes with brisket from their own smokehouse and potato pancakes with bacon jam, fresh rolls with crab and green salad with strawberries and feta cheese – Istomin and Losev surprise once again with their unusual special breakfasts. Almost forty dishes from 9 to 11.45 and another menu from 12 to 18 for those who are not used to waking up early. Phantom now lights up in the morning.

Address: Malaya Nikitskaya street, 24с2.

Festival “Eat! To look! Love!”

This weekend “Eat!” Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the gastronomy festival. To look! Love! Until May 12 (inclusive), Moscow restaurants will offer unique menus based on famous films and TV series.

By the way, we wrote our favorites here.

Jacqueline x Vogue Religion cocktail menu

From May 6 to June 9, Jacqueline restaurant launches a special menu prepared by Pavel Knyazev and Vladimir Snezhin, writers of the Vogue Religion Telegram channel. Chief bartender Natella Kokhraidze prepared two “trendy” cocktails for the collaboration: Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Each one, by the way, is adorned with a portrait of one of the actresses on the cover of the legendary Vogue magazine.

Address: st. Arbat, 1

Opening of the exhibition of nude photographer Dmitry Chapala at the Riesling Boyz bistro

From May 16 to 30, the Riesling Boyz wine bistro will host an exhibition by Moscow photographer Dmitry Chapala, known for his candid portraits of women in their natural environments.

Dmitry has been interested in nude photography for many years. The photographer, as a talented master, takes photographs himself and teaches others to reveal nature, delicately developing every detail of the emotional portrait of the hero. Chapala feels the strings of the subconscious working in tandem with the collective and personal unconscious.

Address: Sretenka, 16\2

“Wake up call”

On May 9, the investigative film “Alarm Call” will be released in Russia. Telephone operator Agnes’ day at work doesn’t go as planned when she accidentally overhears a call and learns that a woman has been kidnapped. In a panic, Agnes informs the police about the incident, but cannot give up on the situation and the girl then begins her own investigation.

Film screening at Bijou on Sunday: “Ernest and Celestine: The Adventures of the Mouse and the Bear”

On Sunday, May 12, the Bijou bar will screen the French animated film Ernest and Celestine: The Adventures of the Mouse and the Bear, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2014.

A beautiful and touching picture about the friendship of two forest animals: Ernest the bear and Celestine the mouse. They live in different worlds: there could be nothing more strange for the inhabitants of the mouse kingdom to be friends with a bear, but the touching unity and kinship of souls is beyond all traditions and obstacles.

Address: st. 2. Brestskaya, 39с3

Prepare a barbecue with leading chefs

The last days of the May holiday are approaching, so it’s not too late to adopt a delicious kebab recipe. There is also a “Kebab Calculator” in the VK Holidays VKontakte community and in the Odnoklassniki group. Here, users can specify their culinary preferences, the products they use, the number of people and their hunger levels. The app will calculate the optimal grams of all ingredients based on this data. This allows you to plan your purchases in advance, save time and effort, and most importantly, not leave anyone hungry.

Chefs’ special recipes are available in a special section. These include turkey and pork kebab from Konstantin Ivlev, pork in three types of marinade from Alexander Belkovich and spicy drumsticks in sour cream marinade from Grigory Mosin. The application can be used indefinitely, recipes will be updated every year before the May holidays.

“Strong People League in Wheelchair Basketball 3×3” Season 2

The second season of the Strong People League, the first national 3×3 wheelchair basketball tournament in Russia and the world, organized by the Russian Basketball Federation within the scope of the “silent basketball” project, will start on May 8 in Izhevsk. For the second year in a row, the Strongman League will bring together players from all over the country. 17 teams consisting of wheelchair athletes will compete in four stages and the super final.

“Silent! Basketball” is an inclusive direction of the Russian Basketball Federation that supports mass sport of players with hearing, mental and musculoskeletal disorders.

Spring market from Flowwow

On May 11 and 12, more than 50 artisans from Moscow and nearby regions will gather in one place and present handmade jewelry and decor, handmade sweets and delicacies, cosmetics and perfumes, clothes, live plants and other products from local brands.

The fair program includes DJ sets, clothing customization, express make-up, edible plant tasting and various master classes. In addition, everyone will be able to play table tennis and participate in the prize draw held by Flowwow and its partners.

Address: Bakery, Boilernaya (Novodmitrovskaya Street, 1, building 17).

Let’s be friends?

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