Even Novoseltsev was surprised: how old was Mymra in ‘Office Romance’?

Even Novoseltsev was surprised: how old was Mymra in 'Office Romance'?

The boss himself announced her age.

From the first minutes of the film, Lyudmila Prokofievna’s appearance suggests that she is no longer young. A baggy suit, lack of hairstyle and makeup, a stiff gait and glasses added age to the main character of “Office Romance.”

You could even say that she was a real old woman, because it was not without reason that her employees called her that. But in fact the director of the statistical office was not such an older woman.

After learning the real age of the boss, even Novoseltsev himself fell into a stupor, because Lyudmila Prokofyevna, as it turned out, was not yet forty.

An attentive viewer could hear information about the age at which Kalugina decided to have a candid conversation with Anatoly Efremovich.

“She has turned herself into an old woman, and I am only 36. I am younger than you, Anatoly Efremovich,” – the heroine opened in ‘Office Romance’.

The senior statistician was shocked by such a confession, because he never thought that his beloved was younger.

“How thirty-six?” — Novoseltsev was surprised.

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Author: Anastasia Karlushina

Source: Popcorn News

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