The X-MEN ’97 promo teases new costumes for the mutant team

Marvel has shared a new promo for X-Men ’97 and previews the new costumes the team will wear in the series.

These new costume designs are based on the short-lived classic costumes Pride of the X-Men animated series, in turn inspired by the team’s costumes from the 1980s The creepy X-Men era.

It was previously reported that the X-Men team would be getting new costumes, and now it’s been confirmed and I think fans will appreciate the direction the creative team is taking.

X-Men ’97 revisits the iconic ’90s era as the X-Men, a band of mutants who use their mysterious gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them, find themselves challenged like never before, forced to face a new dangerous and unexpected future.

When previously talking about the series’ design, former showrunner Beau De Mayo he said, “Every design choice is actually a clue to the storylines we’re making.”

He added: Nothing is arbitrary. It’s a nice nod to Pryde from the X-Men. But it serves to take the X-Men back to a time where they think: What part of this do I want to keep? Was it really simpler then or were we simply more naive?”

The series stars original voice actors Ray Chase like Cyclops, Jennifer Hale as Jean Grey, Alison Sealy-Smith like Storm, Cal Dodd as Wolverine, JP Karliak as Morph, Lenore Zann in the role of Thief, Giorgio Buzza like Beast, AJ LoCascio in the role of Gambetto, Holly Chou like Jubilee, Isaac Robinson Smith as Bishop, Matthew Waterson like Magneto and Adrian Hough as Nightcrawler.

Beau De Mayo he developed the series as head writer and executive producer, but was fired from the show. Jake Castorena is the supervising director and Charley Feldmann is the supervising producer.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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