No expression: Hilary Duff shared candid photos of the birth of her fourth daughter

Hilary Duff.Photo: Getty Images

36-year-old singer and actress Hilary Duff became a mother again. The star’s fourth child was born on May 3. The girl was named Towns.

Hilary posted the first photos of her newborn baby on the social network immediately after her birth. The celebrity gave birth in water at her home and shared her photos with her followers. “Townes Meadow Bair, now we know why you kept us waiting so long… She puffed out those cheeks! — Duff signed the post.

Hilary Duff with her newborn daughter Townes. Photo: social networks

Hilary’s husband Matthew Koma also shared a happy event in his life. He also posted a series of photos on his page and accompanied them with a witty caption. “She’s happy, healthy, chubby, and unlike anyone else in my family, so if anyone knows where Hilary Duff was nearly nine months ago, please come forward for a cash reward!”

Daughter of Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma Townes. Photo: social networks

Hilary is the mother of many children. She is raising her 11-year-old son from her first marriage. In her second marriage to Matthew Koma, the actress had two daughters: five-year-old Banks and two-year-old May, and now little Townes.

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