Beat Film Festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Which films will be included in the program?

Beat Film Festival celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. You can safely circle the dates from June 6 to June 16 on your calendar.

Photo: A frame from the movie “500 Days of Summer”

On the agenda is not only the celebration of the anniversary, but also cinema as an industry and language as a means of communication. The impact of cinema on people and reality – the organizers’ answer to the question of why the festival exists – “Beat. To be.”

The first films in the Beat Film Festival’s anniversary program combine the love of cinema; It covers different aspects and languages ​​of cinema as an art and industry. The festival will open with the biographical film Michel Gondry: DIY. It explains how you shouldn’t be afraid to do what you love and how you shouldn’t lose touch with your inner child. Other films include Godard’s Cinema, Dario Argento: Panic, Cannes: Director’s Cut and Bonnie.

Photo: A frame from the movie “The Intern”

By the way, the premiere of each of the main films in the program will take place at the Khudozhestvenny cinema. Additionally, the premiere of another Beat Film Festival film, “Twenty Years with Smeshariki”, will be held at the Oktyabr cinema center in cooperation with the KARO.Art project. The film will tell the audience about the people who created an animated series about the residents of Daisy Valley, which has become part of the cultural code.

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