“Like a squirrel in a wheel”: Anastasia Kostenko alarmed her fans with an unexpected statement

At the end of April, football player Dmitry Tarasov shared alarming news about the health of his two-year-old son Alexei. According to him, the child needs surgery. However, the family did not disclose which one.

Anastasia Kostenko. Photo: social networks

Today the athlete’s wife Anastasia Kostenko alarmed her fans. On his personal blog he published a joint photo with Lesha, taken in the car. Anastasia said she could not prepare for Easter due to urgent work.

“I didn’t bake an Easter cake this year or even paint any eggs. “I’m like a squirrel in a wheel,” the mother of many children explained. Kostenko assured fans that she would tell all the events later. “A little patience, nothing is ready yet,” the model said.

Anastasia Kostenko with her son Lesha. Photo: social networks

Let us remind you that Anastasia previously revealed the secret of the ideal relationship and showed intimate images from her husband’s bedroom.

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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