Overshadowed by Kylie Jenner: Model Eugenio Casnighi said he was kicked out of the Met Gala because of his beauty

Eugenio Casnighi. Photo: legion media

There’s still a whole day until the big Met Gala event, but the first scandal has already happened. Model Eugenio Casnigi accused the organizers of withdrawing his invitation because of his charisma.

The fact is that during this important event young models serve as assistants to famous guests. They must be invisible. But attending an event of this magnitude can become a springboard in your career.

This is what happened to Eugenio. He accompanied Kylie Jenner to the Met Gala last year and was photographed in the background. The handsome and handsome young man suddenly became the center of attention. “I went on camera and they blamed me. “You did this on purpose, for yourself,” Kasnigi wrote on the blog.

He noted that he could not comment on the situation until he was fired. She says that now she can tell everything as it is. The young man treats Kylie Jenner warmly. She also added in the same video that it was a pleasure to work with him. He was polite to the assistant and even talked to him.

Source: People Talk

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