“I definitely didn’t like some of them”: Emily Blunt told how she kissed Hollywood stars

Emily Blunt. Photo: Getty Images

41-year-old actress Emily Blunt kissed many famous actors. These include Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon and Ryan Gosling. The star admitted she didn’t have “chemistry” with each of them.

The actor responded positively when asked if he felt bad after kissing anyone from the list of stars. “Absolutely! I wouldn’t say it was extreme hate, but I definitely didn’t like some of it,” Blunt said.

The actor added that he developed his kissing technique with his colleagues. He looks for what he really likes in each and builds on that mentally.

Emily noted a special bond with Ryan Gosling. According to the actor, his feelings for her were sincere. “I love his wife Eva. I love his children and feel so lucky to be friends with such a precious person,” the star added during a conversation with radio host Howard Stern.

While Ryan Gosling continues to surprise his fans with his new images, his wife Eva Mendes also takes care of the house and children. The 50-year-old Fast and Furious star gave up his movie career a decade ago and still thinks it was his best decision.

Source: People Talk

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