“His parents were too childish”: Aiza-Liluna Ai congratulated her son from Guf on his 14th birthday

Today the son of Aiza-Liluna Ai and Guf celebrates his birthday. He turned 14. The blogger shared archive photos with Sam, and also dedicated a touching post to him on a banned social network.

“This was the most long-awaited baby. I knew how it would be! “I dreamed about her hair, her eyes, her lips and even the mole on her lip,” the presenter wrote.

Aizy-Liluna Ai admitted that she made many mistakes and now feels guilty towards her son. “Sam has had a hard life… It’s not easy being our son. But God knows I do everything every day to see a smile on his face. My feeling of guilt will not go away, I know that too. But my son’s fate turned out to be this way, and I can’t fix anything, ”she said.

“His parents were very childish, so Sami grew up very quickly. “And I really want to see him as a baby,” he added.

Let us remind you that Aiza-Liluna Ai and Guf got married in 2008. And after six years of marriage, the couple announced their divorce. The blogger also raises a son named Elvis, whom she gave birth to with Dmitry Anokhin.

Source: People Talk

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