Sarah Jessica Parker in ballet flats and tracksuits and Blake Lively in mermaid dress: The 5 worst looks of the week

The week is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for our regular column featuring the best and worst images of stars. We know it’s hard to keep track of every look of even the most beloved celebrities in this endless news feed, so we do the work for you and track their every fashion success or utter failure.

We’ve already discussed this week’s stars’ best outfits, now let’s move on to our favorite part and talk about their fashion fails. Today, the style icon of the 2000s, Sarah Jessica Parker, opens our summit. Unfortunately, no trace of Carrie Bradshaw remained in the new image of the actress: the paparazzi caught the star on a walk, perhaps in the most unexpected outfit for us. He managed to stylize the incompatible things as much as possible. Pink ballerinas with heels, striped trousers and a polka dot coat seem to be the first pieces that stand out in Sarah Jessica Parker’s wardrobe, and we cannot explain the selection of all these pieces in any other way.

Now let’s move on to the red carpet of the premiere screening of the movie “Furiosa: The Mad Max Chronicles”, where all the attention was focused on Anya Taylor-Joy. Lately our fashion department hasn’t been happy with her looks and this next new outfit was no exception. The actor appeared at the screening wearing an archival Paco Rabanne outfit from 1996; This seemed to us inappropriate and too much for the format of the event.

TV presenter Lisa Rinna also went overboard with her image choice, wearing a Wiederhoeft dress with many black bows. What the author wanted to say with this work remains a mystery to us. Like Lily-Rose Depp’s outfit, which is actually almost impossible to ruin. Of course, there is no doubting the beauty and ideal figure of the actress, but this skirt with roses is yes. And we’ll finish our anti-rating with Blake Lively, because we want to move on from last year’s mermaidcore.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Anya Taylor-Joy

Lisa Rinna

Lily-Rose Depp

Blake Lively

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