Nadezhda Sysoeva shared photos with Sasha Stone for the first time

Recently, in an interview with Laura Dzhugelia, Sasha Stone admitted that she has a good relationship with Comedy Woman participant Nadezhda Sysoeva. “He not only wants to enjoy life with me, he is also ready to grieve and solve problems with me. “I’ve never felt this way,” the blogger said emotionally. Although the stars have not officially confirmed their relationship, it looks like everything may change soon.

Nadezhda Sysoeva shared a photo with Sasha Stone on a banned social network. They played together in the matches of the Media Basket media basketball league.

Let’s remember that Sasha Stone had previously been with Valya Carnival for a long time. The couple was preparing for the wedding, but last summer the blogger announced their separation. The athlete also talked in detail about his breakup with the singer in an interview with Laura Dzhugelia.

Source: People Talk

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