Sergei Lazarev told why his children do not go to his concerts

Sergei Lazarev admitted that he missed his son and daughter very much when he went on tour, and decided to take them with him. He explained on a banned social network why his children did not come to his concerts.

Sergey Lazarev. Photo: social networks

While going to a concert in sunny Turkey with Anya and Nikita, Sergei explained that in the life of his children, he is first of all a parent, and only then a successful artist. “Even if they do not go to concerts themselves, for them I am first of all a father, and only then the famous singer Sergei Lazarev. After all, they listen to my songs at home,” the artist wrote.

Sergey Lazarev with children. Photo: social networks

In the comments, fans have already noted that Sergei is extremely careful in his approach to education: “A wonderful father and an example for many”, “How quickly they grew up!”

Source: People Talk

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