3 trendy manicures to face the month of May in style

  • Sunset manicure

  • Linen manicure

  • Orange manicure

When it comes to nail art, are you used to nude, coral or burgundy? What if I innovated? We give you 3 trendy manicures that will delight your nail artist.

There are two types of people when it comes to getting their nails done: the bold ones, who love to try new designs, new nail shapes and are even willing to add jewelry to perfect their nail art. And then there are the more cautious ones, who are afraid of getting bored and therefore prefer to focus on safety: nude, burgundy, navy blue or even coral. Safe values. To change your habits a bit, here are 3 trendy manicures that will liven up the month of May !

The sunset manicure for professionals

Orange, red and pink… This is the perfect recipe for creating a sunset manicure. A bright and sparkly nail art trend that goes perfectly with all skin tones but which still requires you to have some skills in this sector. And for good reason, after filing your nails and removing cuticles, you need to apply 3 different colors of varnish on a sponge and pat it over the entire surface of the nail to get the long-awaited gradient effect.


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https://www.tiktok.com/@_nail_art_house_/video/7340429740882283818?q=sunset manicure&t=1714470892990

Linen manicure for lovers of sobriety

If you are already a fan of clean girl trend, the linen manicure is made for you! It simply involves applying minimalist, organic shades to your nails to achieve a clean, minimalist effect. They can vary from brown, to beige, to dove grey… It all depends on your influences. If you were looking for the ideal nail art trend to apply on short nails, you have it!

https://www.tiktok.com/@aura_beauty.bar/video/7351548332403182853?q=linen manicure&t=1714470932080

Orange manicure: for the daring

Orange is a pretty divisive color. Hated or loved, it still embodies the vibrant and punchy touch that could change your look. This season is at the center of trends! To be applied all over, French style or via nail art, it will add a touch of irreverence to your beauty look. Would you be willing to try it?


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