The film “Flying Ship” collected more than 1 billion rubles at the box office

The film “The Flying Ship” by Ilya Uchitel, which was just released on March 21, collected one billion rubles at the box office. TASS reports this.

The box office revenue of the musical fantasy film reached one billion on the 40th day of its release. This figure means that Ilya Uchitel’s film managed to become the 27th film to gross $1 billion at the domestic box office.

“Flying ship”. Photo: “Kinopoisk”

According to the plot of the movie, the king will marry his daughter Zabava to the rich Paul, but the girl cannot do this out of love. Zabava meets a simple sailor Ivan, and her marriage to Paul is postponed. Later, Ivan decides to build a flying ship to escape with his lover as far as possible, but something doesn’t go as planned.

Let us remind you that this year literally started with films that managed to bring creators more than a billion rubles. On January 1, the premiere of the movie “Slave-2” took place, which started a chain of successful films at the box office. Then – “The Bremen Town Musicians”, “Three Heroes and the Navel of the World” and “The Master and Margarita”.

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