Julia Garner and Alden Ehrenreich join Josh Brolin in WEAPONS from the director of BARBARIAN

Giulia Garner (The fantastic Four) AND Alden Ehrenreich (Solo) have embarked on another high-profile film project with Weaponswhich comes from Zach Cregger, the director of the hit horror film Barbarian.

Garner and Ehrenreich will star together Josh Brolin in the film, staged at New Line Cinema. The film is described as “an interconnected multi-story horror epic focusing on witchcraft and missing children.”

The film is also said to be “tonally in the vein of Magnoliathe showcase full of actors from the 1999 director Paul Thomas Anderson.”

There isn’t much other information other than that filming will begin in mid-May in Atlanta. Cregger had great success with Barbarian and it will be interesting to see what story his next film tells.

Garner recently joined Marvel The fantastic Four and will take on the role of Shalla-Bal, who is an incarnation of the Silver Surfer.

Pedro Pasquale he was previously cast in Weapons, but had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict with The Fantastic 4. I guess that wasn’t a problem with Garner. He was replaced by Brolin.

Cregger is producing alongside Roy Lee of dizziness and JD Lifshitz AND Raphael Margules by BoulderLight Pictures. Dizziness Miri Yoon also produces.

Source: THR

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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