Already fed up with adidas Samba sneakers? The trend is towards SL 72s, according to Emily Ratajkowski

If the sneaker trend of the moment focuses on the refinement of T-Toe models (characterized by a T-shaped panel at the toe) such as the Samba and the Gazelle by adidas, now the SL 72, seen on Emily Ratajkowski, are breaking through . Anatomy of a trend.

It’s funny (not) how predictable fashion is. XXL soles have reigned for years, launched in 2015 by Alexander McQueen’s Oversize model (the Stan Smith wedge). Balenciaga’s triple S arrived in 2017, and since then fashionistas seemed to only swear by dad shoes with super thick soles.

But inevitably, in its eternal pendulum, fashion ended up abandoning XXL soles in favor of thinner ones for the 2020s, starting with the Gazelle, then the Samba. Before the reign came the SL 72?

Thanks to Emily Ratajkowski, the adidas SL 72 could dethrone the Samba as the trendiest sneaker

This trend crystallized in Alessandro Michele’s Gucci autumn-winter 2022-2023 fashion show which reinterpreted the Adidas Gazelle. And since then this model, then the Samba, has triumphed at the feet of mere mortals.

In addition to the thin sole, these sneakers share a T-shaped insert at the toe, hence their T-Toe style nickname. And since we are already starting to see these two everywhere, some fashion influencers (certainly paid for this, among other things) are already trying to anticipate future trendy models, which will certainly be the Spezial and the SL 72 (still from adidas for the two).

And it is precisely the latter that is particularly talked about at the moment, especially because Emily Ratajkowski wore them with street style (yes, sometimes just placing the product on the right person is enough to ensure you start a trend).

Already seen too much (even at the feet of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Samba is starting to disgust some people who therefore want to stand out but not too much. Always in the T-Toe trend and always from a giant sports equipment manufacturer, with an added retro charm, the adidas SL 72 therefore has many arguments to convince.

The 3 colors of the most popular adidas SL 72 sneaker fashion trend

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