Three large-size, low-cost Mango dresses for this spring (and the next)

For everyday life, college, office, holidays or even special occasions, a nice dress can solve the problem of squaring the circle when you no longer know how to dress. The proof is three Mango models, at low prices and available from XXS to 4XL.

When we get dressed in the morning, we don’t necessarily have the time, inclination, or creativity to consider the top and bottom combinations that work. That’s why wearing a jumpsuit or dress can save you time and energy. Especially when you choose them, light and versatile, to be worn all spring under a jacket or trench coat, and even in summer without anything on top.

How to dress as a guest at a wedding, a civil union or a baptism ceremony? Quick, a dress

However, if it’s easy to find what you’re looking for when you’re a small size, it’s immediately more complicated when you’re looking for plus size brands. Luckily, Mango has long offered beautiful, high-quality plus size clothing without having to break its PEL. For university, office, holidays or even ceremonies such as weddings, PACS, baptisms and other religious ceremonies, they can clearly be right for you.

However, let’s remember that this is a fast fashion brand. It is therefore advisable to buy some clothes there and keep them for as long as possible, rather than being tempted by the low prices and returning again and again. It’s also a popular enough brand that you can find many models similar to the selection below on second-hand sites like Vinted, LeBonCoin, Depop, etc. Because these cute spring dresses can clearly accompany you for years.

The most cinematic

Crafted from flowy linen-blend fabric, this midi dress flares along the legs and closes with adorable tone-on-tone buttons at the front. A drawstring at the back waist allows you to define it better if desired. And its short bell sleeves outline the beautiful shoulders. From sizes XXS to 4XL, it also exists in a solid khaki color or with floral patterns on a white background. But it is in her purple version that we can most easily mistake her for the heroine of Pedro Almodóvar’s films.

Linen blend dress with buttons on the front – Mango – €45.99.

The most rural

In flowing polyester fabric, this midi dress with a cute white polka dot print is marked under the bust, also highlighted by a tie along the V-neck that can be easily left hanging. The long sleeves with elasticated cuffs are loose enough to let air circulate and avoid feeling suffocated. From size XXS to 4XL, it also exists in black and white, but it is in the blue version that seems more spring-like.

Dress with white polka dots on a blue background — Mango — €29.99.

The most commando

Starting from the 1930s, Elsa Schiaparelli innovated by offering the first modern wrap dresses. But it was Diane Von Fürstenberg who made them popular by proposing a thousand and one motifs taken from her famous ” enveloping clothes », it should be able to adapt to our possible weight variations, and even to adapt to loved ones of different morphologies.

That’s why this Mango shirt dress model really catches our attention since its knot at the waist allows you to tighten this garment more or less depending on how you feel that day, your cycle, what we ate, etc. Adaptable and modular, it’s just the kind of dress chic enough for the office, but also practical enough for going on holiday.

Especially because its fluid viscose blend fabric creases well. We appreciate the long sleeves with slits at the cuffs that make a difference and make it easier to roll on, because you need to type quickly on a keyboard or you’ve bought too many bracelets as holiday souvenirs to show off. A multipurpose dress, we tell you, in a beautiful khaki, less camouflage than commando!

Wrap dress with bow — Mango — €39.99.

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