This couple activity would be the key to a lasting relationship, according to an American study

A study conducted by the University of Michigan shows that couples with similar alcohol consumption would live longer. Results that raise questions.

A study carried out by Professor Birditt of the University of Michigan, published by the British media Metro, reveals that couples with identical or similar behavior in terms of alcohol consumption last longer than those whose practices diverge.

Drink in moderation

More specifically, it would be couples who drink” regularly » together, which would tend to last longer than those in which neither partner drinks, or in which only one drinks. The study however specifies that moderate consumption it gives you a better chance of making your relationship last than excessive consumption, which is also dangerous for your health.

The scientists behind this research couldn’t explain exactly why drinking together led to greater longevity. A hypothesis put forward by Professor Birditt is this It is above all the time spent together in shared recreational activities that increases the satisfaction of each partner.

The University of Michigan study was conducted in 2016 and is based on responses from 4,864 married participants, divided into 2,767 heterosexual couples. It reveals that women report being more dissatisfied with their marriage over time when they are the only ones drinking, and not their husbands.

These findings should, however, be taken with a grain of salt. Recall that in France, the share of women between 35 and 55 who declare having consumed alcohol every day in the last twelve months increased between 2017 and 2021, going from 22.3% to 27.9%, according to Public Health France. An increase that should not be taken lightly as alcohol abuse increases the risk of heart disease especially in women.

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