Which candles should you not light at home?

Scented candles create comfort in the home. Even when you look at them, your soul becomes warmer and lighter. Some lovers even make candles themselves with various natural additives, while others use them for prayers or fortune telling. True, not all candles are harmless to health. We tell you how not to make a mistake in your choice and why it is better not to light candles at home.

Choose scented candles instead of paraffin candles

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When paraffin candles burn, they release hazardous substances such as toluene and benzene. Once in the human body, they can affect the nervous, digestive and circulatory systems, cause bronchial asthma and even oncology. Such suppositories are especially contraindicated for allergy sufferers. Before purchasing scented candles, carefully examine the composition. It is desirable that more natural ingredients are available. Unscented candles are ideal. For example, candles made from coconut oil.

Be careful with the wick

Candles with lead and metal wicks burn well but are quite harmful to health. Therefore, choose samples made of wood or cotton thread. They are usually more expensive but do not cause allergies.

Store candles in a box or cotton bag

In no case do not store candles on the windowsill or in the bathroom, as the product will deteriorate due to moisture. The ideal option is to put it in a box or cotton bag. Keep candles away from children and animals to avoid poisoning.

Light the candle correctly

Before lighting a candle, its wick should be cut at an acute angle of 0.5 mm so that it does not start to emit smoke. It is better to choose a glass candle container as it conducts heat least. But the metal holder heats up quickly, so it is easy to burn.

Place the candle in the right place

Each candle has its own purpose. A church candle can be burned indoors, but an outdoor candle will burn too intensely, so it is not suitable for the home. You also don’t need to place several candles too close. Due to temperature differences, glass may crack and cause a fire. It should also not be placed on the windowsill, near plants, textiles or other flammable materials. Make sure that wind or an animal cannot reach the candle flame.

Don’t light the same candle too often

Do not leave the candle burning for more than three hours. First of all, during this period, the glass will become very hot due to the flame and may crack due to high temperature. Therefore, choose candles with a smaller diameter, so that the wax on the edges will also melt during burning. Second, even candles need rest. Otherwise, the product will deteriorate and a lot of soot and smoke will appear in the room.

Do not blow out the candle before going to bed

First of all, because of the high probability of fire. Additionally, soot will pollute the air.

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