Spring cleaning: if only I had to choose 3, The essential products according to a hygienist

Spring is upon us and with it the traditional spring cleaning returns. But which cleaning products are really essential?

It’s spring, the temperatures are rising, the trees are sprouting, the outfits are becoming lighter, in short we want renewal and freshness. And whoever says spring, also says it spring cleaning. Many of you will likely face this heavy task this weekend. According to an Ebay study carried out by Ipsos, the approach of spring is synonymous with major cleaning for 9 out of 10 French people (i.e. 88% of the population). The idea? Get rid of what you no longer use, make space in your home and clean your house from top to bottom.

But before you rush to the local supermarket to buy every available (and potentially toxic) product, think about what is truly useful. In a recent video posted on Tiktok, Dr. Jimmy Mohammed met Christophe Mercier, a hygienist and microbiologist. According to the specialist, sprays that ” can contaminate well beyond the treated surface,” and products containing perfume, “because it can cause respiratory allergies “.

Spring cleaning: what are the essentials?

The specialist also illustrates the three essential products for an impeccable home and, not surprisingly, they are: natural products.

  • White vinegar and if the smell really bothers you, citric acid is an alternative: essential for removing tartar anywhere in the house. Good to know : white vinegar can be used in many different ways, furthermore the paint would last longer
  • Sodium bicarbonate it is your ally for cleaning surfaces and making them whiter.
  • Ecological black soap : “one cap in four liters and you can clean everything”. But be careful to rinse well.

You are now well equipped for clean and efficient cleaning! And a little reminder about household chores: more than half of French women (57%) believe they do more at home than their partneraccording to a 2022 Ifop study. So this time everyone is involved!

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