Ekaterina Andreeva scared her fans by sticking a needle in her face

Ekaterina Andreeva. Photo: social networks

TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva is a real example of how to preserve youth. Today, a shocking video of needles being inserted into the face appeared on the journalist’s microblog. Some of Catherine’s fans were frightened by the images. Under the post, the star of the screen explained why she looks like this.

Ekaterina Andreeva. Photo: social networks

Andreeva reported that she resorted to the reflexology procedure. Meanwhile, the TV personality often talks about how sensitive she is about her appearance. He eats right, meditates and exercises. The result of the efforts is obvious: The presenter looks great for her age. Some claim that the presenter is 62 years old, others say that he is 58 years old, and still others claim that he is 60 years old. Andreeva does not reveal her exact date of birth.

Earlier Ekaterina Andreevna published a photo with a daring look. And the headline was even more interesting: “It was fun for us.”

The news was prepared by Vladlena Korol.

Source: People Talk

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