Lena Perminova showed how she looked before meeting her husband: Unrecognizable

Lena Perminova. Photo: social networks

Model Lena Perminova often gives sincere answers to the questions of subscribers on her account. The last of these was the phenomenon’s confession about how she looked before meeting businessman Alexander Lebedev, her current husband and father of her four children.

Lena Perminova. Photo: social networks

“I was an ugly duckling. Because of my beauty, I only had very thin, long legs,” the catwalk star admitted in Stories. Lena Perminova also debunked the stereotype that men look only at very beautiful and well-groomed girls. According to her, representatives of the stronger sex “read energy and lightness.”

Recently, the Russian model posed for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Serbia). Compared to the archive footage on the social network, Lena has really changed.

The news was prepared by Vladlena Korol.

Source: People Talk

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