Nirvana haircut in the style of Kurt Cobain is the main trend of spring 2024

It seems that the clean girl aesthetic is gradually losing ground. Grunge makeup is becoming increasingly popular on TikTok, and recently a haircut called “Nirvana” has become popular.

This name was given to him in honor of Kurt Cobain’s recognizable hairstyle. This is a shoulder-length or collarbone-length midi bob with a wavy cut and an overall casual feel.

Kurt Cobain. Photo: Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney recently debuted this haircut at the Miu Miu show held during Paris Fashion Week. But he’s not the only fan of this style. Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone and Isabelle Huppert have repeatedly appeared with Cobain-style haircuts.

Perhaps the main reason why the Nirvana haircut is so popular is its versatility. It is equally suitable for everyone, regardless of age. You can also style it in completely different ways by changing the degree of carelessness as you wish.

Source: People Talk

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