Tina Kandelaki paid tribute to Vasily Utkin

Tina Kandelaki spoke about the death of Vasily Utkin on the Telegram channel. Let’s point out that they are in conflict. Former colleagues have publicly sorted things out on the Internet more than once.

Tina Kandelaki

“Unfortunately, my relationship with Vasya did not work out. This, of course, was my fault, because such an extraordinary person as Vasya needed special attention. I could not spare enough time for this due to my rush and desire to prove that Match TV would be the best sports channel in the country. And he needed it. He was a man who lived for the attention of others; He had to explain how the shooting went in Brazil, whether the hat I told him to try on fit him, and much more. I can’t help but admit that he is one of the most talented sports journalists I have ever met. Objectively. Sports television was the meaning of his whole life. Despite all the bad things he said to me, it’s stupid to talk about it now, his talent was undeniable. He should have had time to do more. It is a shame that Vasya was also left alone because of his intellectual and human loneliness and passed away so early. It seems to me that if this loneliness had been less in his life, then life could probably have turned out differently. May he rest in peace,” wrote Tina Kandelaki.

Vasily Utkin. Photo: social networks

Let us remind you that today the death of Vasily Utkin became known. According to Mash, the journalist’s primary cause of death was pulmonary embolism.

Source: People Talk

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