The first excerpt from the series “Games” about the 1980 Olympics appeared on the Internet

“Kinopoisk” released the first trailer of the “Games” series, which tells about the preparations for the 1980 Olympics. The plot unfolds through the trials of the main character, whose role is played by Grigory Vernik, the star of the series “Cicadas”.

In the published trailer, the main character, the son of Igor Zorin, a government employee, starts working in the organizing committee of the 1980 Olympics. The first task given by the boss Irina Svetlova, whose role is played by Maria Karpova, is to make 15 copies of a document on a special photocopier called “Xerox”. This is where the first difficulties arise.

Series “Games”. Photo: press service
Series “Games”. Photo: press service

It is known that the plot of the series takes place in the Soviet Union in the late 1970s. At this time, the whole country was waiting for the long-awaited Summer Olympic Games. During this period, the USSR won the IOC votes ahead of the USA and for the first time received the right to host foreign athletes on its territory.

The series is planned to premiere in 2024.

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