Figure of the day: Watch that survived the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima sold for $30,000

An auction was held in Boston where watches that survived the nuclear bomb were sold. This was reported by AP News, citing the auction company RR Auction.

A frame from the movie “Pulp Fiction”

An antique was found by a British soldier under the ruins of Hiroshima. All this happened during one of the humanitarian operations for the delivery of supplies. Meanwhile, the hour and minute hands of the copper-cased wristwatch stopped at the exact moment when the atomic bomb exploded over a city in Japan. They show 8:15 in the morning.

Meanwhile, the new owner of the watch bought it for 31,113 thousand dollars and decided to remain anonymous.

“We hope that this museum-worthy exhibition will help the owner reflect on the lessons learned, remind him of the hardships of war and draw his attention to the impressive arsenal of weapons that humanity was never meant to use. This wristwatch in particular marks the precise moment when history changed forever,” commented RR Auction Manager. Vice President Bobby Livingston.

Source: People Talk

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