Ultra-thin belts are the most stylish trend of the season. How to wear them today?

The two-generation era that has guided fashion for the last two years is slowly but surely falling into the background. Remember how influencers combine several belt accessories at once, one after the other? It seems that soon they will have to abandon this technique in favor of “new” models from the distant past.

Deservedly forgotten, thin belts, unfortunately, are once again trying to take over the fashion arena and become one of the leading trends of this year. We noticed this trend at the fashion shows of Versace and Gucci’s new collections. Designers have diligently tried to present us with such an accessory in previous seasons, but this year brands have already decisively addressed the issue of reviving ultra-thin belts. Although in our memory such models were popular in the distant 2000s, even then they were not considered fashionable. The exact opposite. But now fashion is ready to change everything and show that even such an accessory can look stylish and relevant.

Models at the shows wore ultra-thin belts with jackets, shorts and even voluminous sweaters. And at Versace, for example, a thin belt with a typical bow was already an integral part of dresses and skirts. In general, brands vote for free styling of such accessories, without restrictions or any “buts”.

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