LA City Council wants to speed up film and TV production after Hollywood strikes

LA City Council wants to speed up film and TV production after Hollywood strikes

The Los Angeles City Council is outraged by the Hollywood strikes. Members voted unanimously to promote entertainment projects in LA

Council President Paul Krekorian and several of his colleagues introduced the motion last month and it passed on a 14-0 vote, with Councilor Marqueece Harris-Dawson absent.

The council has tasked various departments with identifying resources or policy changes needed to promote local film and television production in the city.

“The report should be completed within 15 days and we plan to take action based on the recommendations received,” Krekorian said in a statement. “The time it takes to obtain permits can be the deciding factor in producers’ decisions to film in Los Angeles or move their productions and work elsewhere. We intend to keep these jobs here in Los Angeles.”

The vote comes six weeks after SAG-AFTRA ended its 118-day strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and less than three months after the Writers Guild of America’s 146-day strike against the studios. Just days later, on September 27, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to order the county’s Department of Economic Opportunities, in consultation with FilmLA, to “identify an economic development entity to implement various strategies that are new and is new” to explore. Creating markets.” Follow-up can boost film production.”, advertising and television production in the province.”

“Small businesses across the city rely on the support of entertainers. If they are unemployed, these small businesses must also lay off workers or reduce hours and wages,” Krekorian’s office said. “A speedy resumption of film and television production is therefore essential to the health of our economy.”

City News Service contributed to this report.

Source: Deadline

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