The most scandalous career after Harry Potter: What is Seamus Finnigan doing now?

The most scandalous career after Harry Potter: What is Seamus Finnigan doing now?
The most scandalous career after Harry Potter: What is Seamus Finnigan doing now?

Do you remember Seamus Finnigan, Harry Potter’s classmate who loved to blow things up? It seems like the most we’ve seen him on camera is with soot on his face.

He was played by Devon Murray – the aspiring actor was only 13 years old at the time of filming! Before “Potter” he starred in “Yesterday’s Children”, “Angela’s Ashes” and “All About My Father”, but it seems that he decided to give up on his big screen career after the saga about wizards. But I’ve been involved in a few scandals!

Devon said he filed a lawsuit against his former manager Neil Brooks in 2016, alleging that he illegally terminated his contract. As compensation, Devon demanded 286 thousand euros (more than 20 million rubles) from Brooks!

However, the court decision was not in his favor: at the trial, the actor’s mother said that her son spent all his money on drink, cars in which he constantly crashed, and women of easy virtue. The court ruled that Murray tried to make money from the former agent by making false accusations against him and ordered him to pay him 200 thousand pounds (more than 16 million rubles).

And also in 2016, Devon admitted that he tried to commit suicide! The actor said on Twitter that he struggled with severe depression for a long time but eventually decided to seek help: “I struggled with this for 10 years and didn’t tell anyone. But recently I decided to share the problem and immediately felt significant relief and change. I had serious suicidal thoughts this year but they were the only thing that made me seek help! Speak openly about the problem, talk to people. If you suspect that your friends or relatives are depressed and are trying to hide it, get them to talk, talk. Let them know you care!

According to Murray, he not only had thoughts, but he also attempted suicide: while cleaning the stables, he threw a rope over a beam and came close to putting a noose around his neck. “I texted my mom and dad. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote, but it was actually just a cry for help, although there was no direct scream in the text. However, my mom and dad immediately understood everything and contacted me immediately,” he shared.

The cause of the depression, as the actor said, was the childhood he spent away from his family and home in Ireland – Devon was constantly filming Harry Potter in the UK: “At that moment my life was great in some ways, but I also had to sacrifice a lot. For 11 years “I had to live in England, away from my father, my school friends, my normal life, my beloved horses. The Harry Potter era was the best of my life, but then it slowly turned into the worst.”

Additionally, he was unable to pursue a career, which also affected his psychological health: “I realized that I had disappointed my mother and father. I was always sure that I was doing everything wrong and was no good. My life had no meaning, I was useless. It was a disaster. Even though people think things like, ‘Oh, you were in Harry Potter, you’ve got such a wonderful life,'” Devon told RTÉ 2fm radio.

After that, Murray took his health seriously, as the tabloids reported, receiving treatment at a rehabilitation clinic and now living with his family and returning to his childhood hobby, horse riding. Even in his youth, Devon was an accomplished rider and competed in many competitions in Ireland!

He shares his life on social networks: For example, we know that Murray has been dating an ordinary girl named Shannon since 2019, with whom they met at equestrian competitions. And in 2021, they had a son named Cooper.

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